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Home Pyramid Cat Scratcher


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Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Puppy Food Large Breed with Chicken is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your large breed puppy to help support its growth and development.


Made from high quality ingredients including a minimum of 34% chicken, Hills Science Plan Canine Puppy Large Breed is infused with:


Controlled Fat and Calories – to help large breed puppies grow at the proper rate;
Controlled Calcium – for healthy joint and bone development;
L-carnitine – a special nutrient shown to enhance bone and muscle strength;
High Quality Protein – to support healthy growth and strong muscles;
Minerals – provides the optimum amount for growth and development;
With added calcium to help keep bones and teeth strong;
Natural Fibre – for a healthy digestive system; Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – for a shiny, healthy coat;
Anti-oxidants – boosts your puppys immune system, reduces cell damage and aids growth.



The crunchy kibble will help aid your puppys dental health through the natural crunching process, promoting dental care from a young age.


Suitable for puppies from weaning up to 1 year old whose adult body weight will exceed 25kg.


Hills Science Plan Canine Puppy Large Breed is part of the Pets at Home Nutrition Centre.


Approximate Dimensions (Product): 42 x 15 x 20cm


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